Monday, 2 April 2018

Linux Hosting Europe

Linux Hosting Europe enables people with all types of hosting requirements which are more reliable plans. The factor in this hosting is free private SSL certificate which has daily backups and managed services. For the European market, provides the value of good quality VPS solutions for this market. This hosting covers a number of features such as a free domain name, daily backups, SSH access, site migration and CloudFlare integration. 

Many hosting companies are providing numerous growths in European market.

Why Linux Hosting Europe is Famous

The services provided are affordable to the customers. 
The best five European hosting companies are web hosting, 123-reg web hosting, 1&1’s web hosting, and heart internet web hosting. 

When customer purchase this hosting then some features like Real Audio, Cold Fusion, Real Audio and Real video. The feature embedded for this hosting is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate which is essential for eCommerce. It is displayed to verify website transactions which are secure and safe. According to the budget, many good deals are made.

How to select Linux Hosting

Direct network connectivity is provided which needs fewer amounts of hops received. The hosts have 400,000 domains and handle customer service more than 5,000 in numbers. It ensures the focus of customer that doesn’t matter of size. Many line data centers power the website. Many types of Linux OS, instant WHM/cPanel licenses, and IP add-ons are involved in this solution. The required resources are storage or standard server in which user need not to restart. There is a network capacity of 20 Gbps which has cloud-based infrastructure. It is secure and hassle-free and handles all network, data backups, hardware security, and maintenance. There is a facility of 30-day money-back guarantee.

Application Utilization

There is no upfront capital required, and our product can be sold on own price standard. The opportunity of this hosting is reseller expectations. Prices are affordable for customers so that they can purchase this hosting easily. The hosting service is reliable, little downtime, fast server, and maximum availability. It is cheap, continuous and stable. 

The supportive team is great, polite and provides reliable solution. Network is excellent in terms of datacenters. The server performance is splendid and easy to use.


The websites for this hosting ensure fast access to data at user’s responsibility. User can use OS, which is suitable for his requirements. User has to buy his own license from the company. The features involve best availability of network, excellent performance, and good speed. 

The hosting services are user-friendly, reliability, fast SSD drives and flexible to the use. This hosting offers flexible virtual server having high performance for management. The Windows Server 2012 R2 is utilized due to its performance, security, and stability.


As per the user’ requirement virtual server is configured having complete administrative rights. Multiple search engines run which are optimized with the websites along with individual settings and configurations like databases, mail accounts, disk quotas and others. 

The hosting service installs some infrastructure such as file or mail server with high security and DNS. Plesk 12 utilizes administer the vServer and technical skills. User can integrate SSL certificates, fix IP address and encrypted data transfer. The RAID10 and RAID5 hardware used to run on hardware nodes. The virtual server access faster via solid state drives.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

CPWebHosting Control Panel Features

Cpwebhosting control panel provides, Control Panel which has following Features

  • Monitor and change disk usage
  •  Review site statistics
  • Manage e-mail accounts, autoresponders, forwards, mailing lists, etc.
  • Install, uninstall and manage FrontPage Server Extensions.
  • Manage SSL secure communications.
  • Add pre-installed scripts.
  • Change account passwords.
  • Set Custom Error Pages.
  • Monitor bandwidth
  • Access billing information
  • Set the home page for your sites.
  • Create/edit/delete ODBC DSNs for Microsoft Access, SQL Server 2000, MySQL and Excel.
  • Create Microsoft SQL Server databases and MySQL databases..
  • Enable/Disable PHP, Perl, ASP and .NET scripting.
  • Create/edit/delete new FTP users
  • Maintain access to FTP directories.
  • Create/Rename/Delete new folders and upload files to those folders using http.
  • Edit/Rename/Delete files on the server.
  • Create/Rename/Delete MIME Type
  • Enable/Disable permissions for users to change their own passwords under your domain.
  • Allow/Disallow directory browsing for your web sites.
  • Enable/Disable 'Read', 'Write', 'Execute' or 'Script' permissions for your websites.
  • Enable/Disable anonymous web access to your websites.

Successful Reseller Host

Buying a managed reseller hosting account will probably not make you instantly rich, instantly generate an income, or instantly known in the web hosting world. It takes a commitment to customer service, by delivering the best service possible. Research needs to be conducted on how to setup plans and pricing, how to ensure support requests are handled quickly, and how to get your company name out there.

  • It is a good idea that start as a reseller under a good company, then doing more business you can move to dedicated server.
  • For reliable and quality Reseller web hosting services click on CP Web Hosting - Reseller Hosting : Windows Reseller Hosting, Linux Reseller Hosting
  • Cconcentrate on your sales, marketing and seo part and need to make the brand name among millions of providers.
  • You should look for a reliable reseller hosting provider who can offer you more features like private nameservers, free domain reseller account to register domains for accounts under your reseller.
  • The future every personal computer get online with higher bandwidth through GSM or CDMA communication and every person has host his own site in his laptop. So the web hosting business goes weak but domain business become strong.