Creating Brand on Social Media

The brand is the core, even on social media, companies claim their brand name page or similar name. They put the website link, contact information, business location which includes phone, address and hours of operation. The online marketing team regularly put updates on their social media account, when a visitor asks a question, they respond quickly with a website link providing the required information. The company social media channels have visitors, customers and even competitors trying to know, what is going with the company? Most competitors would try to follow strategy. Furthermore, they would also try to share their links for promotion. The company can set moderators and rules to bring a check on such activities. While, only allowing company's literature, signage, and advertising. - Manish K. Technical Engineer

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Becoming a reseller host

We would like to get into the lucrative business of being a web hosting provider.
There are many companies and individuals trying to break into the web hosting resellers market today.
Reselling web hosting services offers us the ability to start our own internet based business selling web space, but without the hassles or monetary expense of managing our own equipment.

We’ve made that decision, what do we do? Where do we even start when it comes to creating a new business for this purpose? We should hope to provide us with guidelines that can help us to achieve our goals.
The first thing to do is decide on what it is our wish to offer. Some resellers just want to offer hosting solutions for a cheap rate hoping that they can make money on quantity.
Resellers are design firms who have decided to offer hosting to augment their design offerings as well as open the door for additional customers. There are many reasons for becoming a reseller, and a multitude of options that can be offered to our customers.
Many resellers offer different flavors of reseller hosting.
Agent Partners is when we become a "partner" with a web host, and resell their services. It is our job to find the customers, and when they sign up they become customers of our web host.

We earn a recurring commission on the services they purchase. It is well known that we are not the actual hosting provider, just a partner.
Private Label,if we would like our customers to believe that we are the actual provider, or do not wish for them to know whose services we resell then this is the option for us. The actual provider will supply us with the information we need and the appropriate tools to transparently offer their services as our own.

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