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The brand is the core, even on social media, companies claim their brand name page or similar name. They put the website link, contact information, business location which includes phone, address and hours of operation. The online marketing team regularly put updates on their social media account, when a visitor asks a question, they respond quickly with a website link providing the required information. The company social media channels have visitors, customers and even competitors trying to know, what is going with the company? Most competitors would try to follow strategy. Furthermore, they would also try to share their links for promotion. The company can set moderators and rules to bring a check on such activities. While, only allowing company's literature, signage, and advertising. - Manish K. Technical Engineer

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Top domains used to earn huge profits

Website set up is an easy task but choosing domain name is difficult based on unwanted web addresses. The best domains are surprisingly unavailable. Although everything is available for sale, includes domain names also. Dot Com domain and website for Glitter as Service project, has sold for $85,000. sold for $2.45 million.

Top-Selling Domains

Domain Name Journal put 20 most costly domains together in world. Some domains which are gambling-related pulled huge money.
  1. VacationRentals .com: In 2007 this domain sold at $35 million transaction is the highest deal of any domain to date.
  2. Internet .com: This is sold at $18 million in 2009.
  3. Insurance .com: In 2010 this domain sold for $35.6.
  4. PrivateJet .com: This sold at $30.18 million in 2012.
  5. Insure .com: Domain sold for $16 million in 2009.
  6. Fund .com: In 2008 this domain was purchased for $9.9 million which targeted financial service.
  7. Hotels .com: This website sold for $11 million in 2001.
  8. Diamond .com: In 2006 this website acquired for $7.5 million is now working as an online diamond shopping site.
  9. Business .com: This domain is sold in 1999 for $7.5 million.
  10. FB .com: In 2010 Facebook purchased this domain for $8.5 million, it redirects traffic their website.
  11. Beer .com: This domain sold at $7 million in 2004 and is available for website.
  12. Slots .com: In 2010 this website sold at $5.5 million.
  13. Casino .com: This site sold for $5.5 million.
  14. iCloud .com: In 2011 Apple, Inc has purchased this domain for $6 million.
  15. Clothes .com: This domain was acquired by Zappos for $4.9 million in 2008.

Legends of Urban

There was a news about child in 1990s registered and sold to McDonald's Corporation for several thousands of dollars. The original domain-name holder of was Josh Quittner , an American journalist. Other myths are:
Myth: When anyone register domain name, he will be the owner of domain.
Fact: The truth behind this is to pay for registration of a domain name authorize for a fix amount of time between one and ten years. After ending the primary registration there is renewable fee to continue using domain name. Doing registration is not providing the right to keep domain name forever.
Myth: U.S. Company or resident is required to register domain name.
Fact: Regardless of U.S. Company or citizen anyone can register domain name under most top-level domains. Some countries have specific rules make additional controls to people registering domain names under country's TLDs.
Myth: Anyone get domain name quick by purchasing and reselling it.
Fact: Anyone can earn money through buying and selling domain names and whole industry has business. Unique domain doesn't make rich anyone however domain names sold for huge money. Mostly, 90% of domains are there for sale but even not get a single buyer.
Myth: To own a domain name one need a website.
Fact: User can do registration of domain names for projected website or can register domains. Anyone can purchase domain name and decide later to direct the name of new site.
Myth: When anyone register a domain name then he gets website also.
Fact: It is not necessary to get website after registering domain name. Every website needs web hosting company will store files on servers and make website accessible on internet.

Domain names future

Top Domain names are more than in comparison to web addresses. ICANN is a non-profit corporation helps to maintain all Internet domain names and other unique identifiers. With running TLDs, ICANN is busy in adding new TLDs to address future domain names. To activate a brand-new TLD cost can be of more than $100,000.

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